Peace, love and Joy in the WORLD. who is RESPONSIBLE??


If fathers take up their heavenly and earthly duties and directions, crime rate in the world would reduce and possibly come to an end because their teachings and the impact they make on their children doesn’t end with their children; it continues with other generations as well. (Children transferring knowledge to their children and their grandchildren benefit from knowledge imparted on their parents).

One may ask “what if someone loses his/her father? The answer is simple; the father had brothers and friends they can take up the fatherly role”. Mother’s shouldn’t be left with the role of bringing up the child on her own. We all need to help!!!!

To my ladies out there, this message isn’t directed to our gentlemen only. We have got a part to play in this. If a man proposes to you please let’s make sure he is capable of being a “father”-  a father who is willing to lead his child, a father who is ready to teach them right from wrong, a father who would discipline the child and love the child as well, a father who will do everything to make sure his child turns out right, full of love and respect nature. This world doesn’t need irresponsible fathers any more the world is tired of the crime rate, the depression, pain, hurt and anger. This world is supposed to be full of joy and happiness but because of our poor judgement we give irresponsible men the chance to be fathers when they do not deserve it (with the exception of those who conceived as a result of rape). Ladies please let’s not give them the chance to be fathers if they are not ready to be good teachers to their kids.

Ladies please study the word of God which is the TRUTH. Develop a personal relationship with Him and He will satisfy all your emotional needs till he prepares the right gentleman for you. A gentleman who will take up his role diligently.

To my non-religious, atheist, not spiritual brothers and sisters, we all live here on earth. We all have our differences but there is one common thing which we all uphold….LOVE…. we all cry for a better world, we all cry for peace and freedom, we all hope there will be no crime on our streets we all hope for a better place. Our beliefs shouldn’t stop us from making sure this world is a better place. Let us all play our roles well. Ladies, be the responsible lady who will give a responsible gentleman the right to be a father. Gentlemen, when given the opportunity, play the role well. Seek help from upright people who can help you with your duty when you encounter difficulties. And to the young ones let us OBEY the elderly (the responsible ones).






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