LiFe bUilDiNg

Project Name: Main Bus Station

The Client: City Council

Architect: Mrs Morrison

Contractor: Mr Davies

Financed by: Ministry of Roads

Duration: 36 months

When there is a new building project, we see the information about the building like the one above on the construction site. For major construction projects that have external/internally generated funds, we are informed about who the architect is, who the contractor is, source of funding and the purpose of the project as well as the duration. Prior to the start of the project, an architect draws the plan (in this case we assume a building) providing all the details needed for the smooth construction of the building. The architect then hands over all building plans to the contractor who sees to the development of the building by giving directions, guidelines and management of the project. The contractor instructs the site workers on what to do daily and appoints supervisors to ensure assigned duties are performed. The supervisors at times may have details on what is being constructed but will not have in depth details. The site workers on the other hand mostly do not have any idea on what is to be constructed. They go to work knowing they are going to construct a building but do not know what they are building or which part of the building plan they will be working on. On their arrival at the site, they get instruction from the contractor on what is supposed to be done that day. Their supervisors also gets further instruction from the contractor so that he can provide the workers with the needed guidance. This process goes on till the building is completed. Not forgetting building material suppliers who provide the site with all the materials needed for the building project.

What am I driving at? Well, this is just an analogy to our life.

Project Name: Life Building

The Client: We the individuals (workers)

Architect: God

Contractor: The Holy Spirit (THS)

Financed by: The blood of Jesus Christ

Duration: Life Eternal

We are building our lives whiles on earth. God is the master architect of our lives and knows our life plan better than anyone. He knows what goes here or there. He handed the plan to the Holy Spirit to be the contractor to see to it that our life is developed just as He planned it. The Holy Spirit knows and understands the building plan well and knows the timeline for the full completion of each part of the building. However, in order for the plan to be developed, funding is needed. So God sent Jesus Christ to die for us by paying with His blood on the cross. Now that the project ha been funded, THS (the contractor) gives us (workers) daily instructions on what to do. He (THS) gives further instructions to Ministers of God (Supervisors) who also guide and correct us when we are on the wrong track. There are also the suppliers of building materials who are followers of Christ who help us in times of need, help us with our prayers, offer support among others. Through it all we (workers) do not have the master plan and have no idea of what we are building. We do not know what will happen next (until we ask the contractor and later the supervisor). All we that we know is there is a building and there is a master plan to be followed. Today we may be asked to build blocks, tomorrow we may be asked to cast concrete or we may be asked to plaster a part of the building the following day. Everyday has its activities but there are days when we rest and moments of rest where we sit back and look at how we have fared. At the end of the day we get a beautiful edifice.

To be cont’d……..


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  1. Just as in every project also there will be skilled and unskilled labourers and these are the people in our lives. Our family , friends, and the community we belong to. They all help in building our lives. Some come and go after completing their jobs and others remain till the end of the project. There will be bad workmen also. And it is up to the client to identify them and keep them off the project.

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