LiFe BuiLdiNg…… 2

We continue from the life building blog…..

We often hear on the news that a building under going construction or a recently completed building has collapsed. Why does this happen? Some people will say it is because of a bad contractor who purchased cheap building materials because of insufficient funds or a contractor who was just after the funds. This cautions us on who to appoint as our life building contractor, where we seek funds from and the building suppliers we engage with.

All building require renovations in some point in time. Some building will have cracks or will need maintenance. When this happens, we do not call the contractor to come over to fix it. We the workers know exactly how to go about it because we have been imparted with the knowledge from the beginning hence we have to make use of it. We have been blessed with working skills gifts of knowledge and understanding from THS; meaning we do not always have to be on His neck asking for something from Him. If He knows He has not given you the skills needed to solve the problem, He would appear to help. But in the case where He has given us rich knowledge, He will sit back and expect us to use the gift He gave us.

Our life is a plan that God has beautifully designed. We are all aware that there is something here on earth for us. We build our lives on earth with the help of THS funded by the blood of Jesus Christ. When we need help or guidance, THS and ministers of God as well as family and friends are there to support us with the materials needed to build our lives. We can not build our lives on our own or depend on people who do not have the master plan of our lives to help us; such a move will cause the building to collapse.

We should remember that all building have different plans and even if they have the same plan, there are some differences and are also not built on the same space at the same time or by the same workers. Thus, we should not compare our lives with that of others. We should just bare in mind that just as great architects design perfect buildings, our life is a beautiful building being constructed.

We should also bear in mind that certain external factors will inhibit the building progress such as weather, concrete weathering , errors among others. We will face these in our lives as well; but the contractor knows perfectly well how to handle the situation. So just as the site workers will not be worried about these situations because it is the contractor’s worry, we do not have to worry when we are faced with challenges in life. THS is the one to do the worrying and not us (the workers).


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