Hire God and Work with Him

Jeremiah 29: 11 (GNB)

I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, PLAN TO BRING ABOUT THE FUTURE YOU HOPE FOR.

Let’s picture the above statement from these perspectives: building a house or throwing a party.

In both cases (house building or party), you hire experts in these fields to take up the job. You tell the architect or the event planner that “this is what I want…..” giving details of how you envision your proposed plan to be. Because both are experts in their fields, they tell you about what will work best by making major or minor corrections to your plan.

You then hand over the project to the architect or event planner to handle the it from beginning to the end because you trust that they will do a good job. In the course of the project, they  update on its progress and since it is your project, you are always eager to know how it is going so you make time for them and listen to them asking questions and finding out whether there’s something on your part you have to do (you will mostly hear “it’s okay we’ve got it covered”. This process goes on until the project is completed.

The above picture is the same as the opening verse – Jeremiah 29:11. We all hope for something in this world. We often find ourselves telling God our plans, dreams and desires. God on His part works on it till the realization of that dream. He sets out the plan on how you are to go about the it and makes sure that they are good plans that will make your dreams realized. You may provide the steps; but because He is an expert in this project called life, He tells you what will work best and what wouldn’t.

Sometimes we make the work of our hired service providers very difficult, either by dictating to them the steps they should take to materialize the plan or even not relating well with them. This at times causes a delay with the project or an incomplete or shoddy work especially when our ideas are totally out of order. When we act this way towards God, we limit Him on what He wants to do for us (not because He can’t do it but because he is a gentleman and doesn’t impose, He gives you your free will to choose your options); thereby causing a delay in our dreams from materializing or not materializing at all.

God loves us so much and is ever ready to take up the Job of a Service Provider in our lives, however, upon hiring  Him for the job, our HEADSTRONG, KNOW-IT-ALL and UNWILLINGNESS to change character, limits or prevents Him from bringing about the future we hope for. We may think this doesn’t affect Him but it does…He gets SAD. WHY?? Because every worker in this world wants to have a good name and as such ensures a perfect work is done. So just as the architect or event planner will be thinking about their reputation because of a shoddy work done all because of you, that is the same way God will feel (maybe on a different scale).

Let’s look at it this way, so many things have gone wrong with the world and God is often questioned and even doubted. People don’t believe in His works anymore and even say “if God were to be real, why would He let this happen?”. But is it God’s fault that these things are happening?? Let’s ask ourselves this question.



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